Sunday, November 22, 2009

I am the eggman...

I really liked the graffiti in Germany. It always meant something, it was always some sort of invective or witticism that stirred me, even if I only understood 18.2% of the scribblings proclaiming that "Grüner Kapitalismus is Schiesse" or advocacy "für Sozialrevolution jetzt!". Grafitti in Canada seems so boring. So uninspired. Until today.

Leaving the university I saw a tag that said CUNT in big huge letters. Juvenile, I thought to myself. Then I walked a closer and I could make out some script just over the offensive term that I could just barely make out. Walking closer, I could see that it said WALRUS. Someone wrote Walrus Cunt on the Math Sciences building and I still can't stop laughing at the thought of it. Dear lord.

Stuff, stuffed together: Talk Talk - Laughing Stock, Fuck the Facts - Stigmata High Five, Circle Jerks - Group Sex, Immortal - All Shall Fall, Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky, John Bellamy Foster - Ecology Against Capitalism, the brown stock simmering in my kitchen


  1. There's a TV show that was on here a while ago called 'Nathan Barley' which is a subversive comedy about wannabe anarchic media twats.

    The media twats favourite magazine is called Sugar Ape. Their logo is 'RAPE' in huge letters with 'suga' inside the counter of the R.

  2. Never in my entire time at Waterloo did I ever see anything with a reference to animal genitalia...or anywhere else for that matter actually.

    I like the way you write. It's like a stream of uninterrupted consciousness. =)

    (it's Renee)

  3. Toast - my inner child loves that kind of stuff, despite my frequent scoldings.

    Renee - I was always worried that the emotional shrapnel in this blog wouldn't be legible, but then again, to be honest, I wasn't that worried. And yes, most of it is stream of consciousness, because ... well, I'm not sure why, to be honest ^_^. I'm working on it.