Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Question of Degree

Everything I know how to do well, I know from my experience drinking wine. That's where I learned how to deconstruct things around me and reconstruct them in way that makes sense to me. It's where I learned how to practice restraint when necessary, but also how I learned that when appropriate, to always tend towards indulgence.

Indulgences - No Age - Nouns, J Dilla - The Shining, American Music Club - The Golden Age, We Are Wolves - Total Magique, Fugazi - Repeater, and wine, good lord, wine. Villa Maria 2006 Cellar Selection Pinot Noir tickles my fancy right now.


  1. You should try a Saint Mont Rose. Jolly good stuff, really.

    Everything I know how to do well, I also know from my experience of drinking wine, insofar as I learned that excessive indulgence leads to contempt, and moderate intake improves the appreciation of quality, but sweetest of all, that alcoholic celibacy pays off most handsomely when one indulges in a pity fuck.

  2. You say pity fuck like its a bad thing ^_^