Saturday, March 21, 2009

Miss Fortune

It was 13 degrees yesterday.  It's fucking snowing right now.  I was just out barbequeing and I could hear the pained yelps of birds who clearly flew home too early.  Nothing sucks worse than being on the recieving end of an enormously unfunny cosmic joke, I suppose.

I will basically be unavailable for the next month.  This week, especially, is fucking insane.  Jordan and I have a show this coming Thursday - we're going to meet tomorrow and hopefully finish writing our 10 minute set.  At least there will be lots of in-jokes about black metal dudes in wheelchairs, zombie reagan and om nom nom-ing things.

I've taken a weird liking to krautrock lately.  It contributes heavily to the following things that are currently keeping me grounded: Can - Tago Mago, Faust - Faust, Neu! - Neu!, Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 1, 100 Bullets and the massive host of Italian wines I just came across

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