Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Old, Too Cold

Not actually me. I wish!

I'm beginning to think my references are getting dated. It started last semester, when I made a Captain Planet joke to three girls in geography class, none of whom knew who Captain Planet was. What the fuck? I'm not that old. In fact, I'm maybe two years older than those girls from last semester, tops. What gives?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my teenage years are somewhat of an anachronism. I guess everyone I went to high school with came of age with Outkast, 50 Cent, The Darkness and Justin Timberlake, while I was wired on Minor Threat, Anthrax, Bad Brains and Iron Maiden. High school for me was spent listening to 80s thrash and hardcore while wearing white high-tops, Megadeth shirts and a denim jacket covered in heavy metal patches; in short, emulating movements I had missed by a good 20 years (tragically a year or two before emulating those movements somehow became cool again). Maybe all those years spent intentionally shifting my frame of reference to a time before I was born has eroded my ability to find contemporary references people my age can identify with. Or maybe that's why most of my friends are older than I am?

I don't know. I guess maybe I should shelve the Andrew Dice Clay and Escape From New York references for a couple years and shoot for something a little more relevant. Then again?

Supplements for January living: Ampere "The First Five Years", Isis - ALL, Immortal "Sons of Northern Darkness", Transmetropolitan, The Invisibles, Hypnosia "Extreme Hatred", These Arms Are Snakes "Oxeneers ...", Grinderman "S/T" and lattes, all day, e'ry day


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  2. wish I had met you even more now. I spent my early teens wearing a denim jacket with Iron Maiden patches on it, skateboarding around the local housing estate doing the rock horns whilst listening to 'Run To The Hills'. I am 31 this month. You are not dated, just slightly out of phase - as was I.

    And so, I still bust out my eagle's head wife beater and rock out to all things distorted at my local pub from time to time.

    Everything moves in cycles

  3. Oh, and I like your Final Fight picture of Mr Hagar - The man who makes the Governator look like the abdominator (i.e. shit)

  4. Other Mayors promise to clean up the streets of their town: Haggar promises to LITTER it with the bodies of his enemies. He's 360 Hammerblow-ing the world into a better place. Don't worry, one day we can compare our denim jackets.

    See what I said about older friends?